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Lesson 3: Genitive exercise

Where from?

Я из (I am from the city)
Я из (I am from England)
Ты из (You are from the school)
Я из (I am from the sea)
Вы из (You are from Russia)
Слово из (Word from the book)

Who or what is absent?

нет (there is no Ivan)
нет (there is no dog)
нет (there is no water)
нет (there is no pencil)
нет (there is no actor)
нет (there is no magazine)

Whose ... is this?

это книга (this is a pupil's book)
это сестра (this is a neighbor's sister)
это жена (this is Anton's wife)
это тетрадь (this is waiter's notebook)
это гитара (this is daughter's guitar)

Lesson 3
Genitive drill
Family and friends

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