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Lesson 4: Grammar


In this lesson you will learn a lot of new words. This is because grammar part of the lesson is very easy.

Prepositional case, like the name says, is used when nouns have a preposition. It is used in following situations:
- to describe location (specificaly using prepositions в (in) and на (on)
- to describe the topic of conversation, book... preposition о (about)
- to describe time using preposition в
- means of transport

It is to early in the course to describe all these aspects of Prepositional case now, but it is no early to learn noun transformations. After you learn this transformations you will be able to specify location using Prepositional case.

Rules are very easy.

For each gender of the noun just change suffix to -e. If the noun ends on a consonant add -e, if it ends on vowel change it to -e.

In case the noun ends on -ия, change it to -ии.

Most names of the countries end on -ия, so in that case almost always you will use sufix -ии.

And that's it.

There are several notable exceptions where sufix is changed to -у. You should learn these exceptions.

аэропорт => аэропорту
берег => берегу
год => году
лёд => льду
лес => лесу
пол => полу
сад => саду
снег => снегу
угол => углу
шкаф => шкафу

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